The complete Weight Loss Workbook

weight loss workbook

The complete Weight Loss Workbook

Welcome back to Sandtondiet and to your all-in-one weight loss workbook. So my question to you is… why should you need a weight loss workbook or journal at all?

The answer to this can be lengthy but the main gist is that weight loss often requires several steps and quite a bit of planning. The background to weight loss can be so complicated and often a lot of support is needed. And this is where your weight loss workbook comes in.

Your weight loss workbook includes all the motivational, recording and tracking resources you could need all in one fabulous download. The workbook offers several weight loss solutions for you to have at your disposal –


Weight loss tracker


The weight loss tracker allows you to track your weight loss on one convenient sheet. Each time you weight yourself or you go for a professional weigh-in you can record your weight loss. The beauty of this is that you get to view your weight loss success on one page with these wonderful weight loss worksheets. If you would like to purchase the weight loss tracker on it’s own then you can! Just go to purchase the weight loss tracker only!


weight loss goal setting


If your week wasn’t that successful the weight loss success chart is your next go-to record. This chart allows you to record both your successes as well as your less successful behaviours with space to think about how to improve them for the next week. Let’s be honest with ourselves, weight loss can be difficult. Sometimes the less successful moments make you feel like such a failure. The weight loss success chart will help you to overcome this and move on. If want a bit more detail as to how to make your diet successful then have read through  How to make this your best diet ever and How to plan for maximum diet success which will give some more weight loss tips and insight.

There is also a worksheet that allows you to figure out your weight loss goals and to set objectives for those goals. Without setting goals it is very difficult to know what you are aiming for or to measure your successes.


Activity tracker


There is also an activity tracker available for you to chart any physical activity that you did that week. There is also space to chart how long you exercised for. Doing exercise is good for lots of things. It’s good to preserve your lean muscle and keep your metabolism on track. It’s good fro stress relief, to reduce depression symptoms and you can also use it to get that much needed “me time”.


 Meal planner


I am a huge proponent of planning when you embark on a diet. I have seen so many diets fail because of a lack of planning. If your meals and snacks aren’t planned your chances of having a “good diet” day are slim. So your weight loss workbook includes lots of planning tools to keep you ahead of the game. There is a recipe planner, a meal planner and a shopping list planner. There is even a template for you to write down any new recipes that you like so that you can keep them for future use –

If you are feeling a bit lazy with the planning bit I have lots of resources for you. The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide is a complete weight loss guide with a one-month meal plan and recipes in it. You can also buy the One month planner as a stand alone off my website


Mindful eating


This term is being bandied around quite a bit lately but it is actually really important. Mindful eating is a way of putting you in touch with your food and to help you make decisions around your food choices and your behaviour around food. Mindful eating looks at concepts such as: Are you really hungry?; Should you stop eating because you are full? Could you make a better food choice? Why are you eating etc. These questions and the answers you give to them will help you improve your decision making around food and will also help you identify eating behaviours that you might otherwise not notice.


Food diary


The last template in your weight loss workbook is a food diary for you to fill in. This is to keep you accountable of what you are eating and to make sure that you stick to your plan. If you would like to read a bit more about why a food diary is so important then check out how to Conquer your diet with a food diary.

I really hope that you enjoy your weight loss tracker and all the amazing tools that you will find in the package. Until next time, Leanne xoxo

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