Dinner planner 2


This planner takes all the stress out of planning your dinners for two whole weeks. Dinner is already planned for each weeknight of the week, including recipes and shopping lists. All you need to do is take your planner with you to the shops while every other step is planned for you. What could be easier!

Take a peek at the recipes in this planner.

1. Chicken and cauliflower curry

2. Chinese beef stew

3. Chicken lo mein

4. Baked fish and potatoes

5. Asian beef kebabs

6.  Spinach olive and feta quiche

7. Italian meatballs with couscous

8. Lemon and herb chicken with baby potatoes

9. Microwave mushroom risotto

10. Chicken mince bolognaise.

Please refer to the T & C’s section before purchasing your dinner planner


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