meal plan ideas

meal plan ideas

meal plan ideas

Happy Friday to every one of the wonderful Sandtondiet community. Today’s post is somewhat different to the content that I usually post.
Today’s post is an opportunity to show all of you the resources that I have developed and that are available on my website. I have developed these resources for all the busy parents out there who need some help with meal plan ideas and menu planning.


Meal planning ideas


I realise that not everyone loves planning meals and that not everyone has time to plan meals during their busy weeks. It’s also often difficult to come up with new meal plan ideas all the time. So I’ve done all the hard work for you. I have several meal planning options on offer to help you with menu and recipe planning. These planners include healthy recipes that have been taste tested and approved by my own family and have been planned with wholesome, balanced eating in mind.


Weekly meal plan


The first three menu planners are for dinner. These two week dinner planners include healthy dinner ideas with recipes and shopping lists for two weeks. There are two regular dinner planners and one vegetarian dinner planner that also includes recipes and shopping lists for two weeks  – Dinner planner 1; Dinner planner 2 and two week vegetarian dinner planner. So for two weeks you wouldn’t have to think about what to make for dinner because the planning has all been done for you!


30-day meal plan


If you need a one-month menu planner then I have that too – One month planner. This healthy eating planner includes healthy menu ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and includes at least one new recipe for each day of the month. This planner doesn’t include a shopping list but I have some free templates on my website to help you with that. These planning templates are free and can help you to compile lists and to write your weekly menu planning down – FREE WEEKLY DINNER PLANNERFREE MONTHLY MEAL PLANNER

If there are other meal planners or menu planners that you would find useful then let me know. If you need lunchbox ideas or lunch ideas for work and if there is enough demand I’ll make those available too.


Cookbook with family friendly recipes


If meal planners aren’t your thing and you would just like some new recipe ideas the feel free to check out my latest cookbook. Delicious Healthy Everyday Recipes is jam packed with healthy recipes for all meals of the day. These recipes have also been taste tested by fussy family and only made the cut if the recipe was well received.


I look forward to sharing my hard work with you and hope that you enjoy the recipes as must as I enjoyed developing them! Chat soon, Leanne xoxo

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