make eating whole foods a way of life

whole foods

make eating whole foods a way of life

It’s national nutrition week and the first theme of discussion is making sure that whole foods are a way of life.


Eat whole and unprocessed food


This concept of whole foods is an important one and it covers a few topics. The first is to make sure that the food that you are choosing is minimally processed. The less processed your food the less nutrient loss there is and the more healthy your food. As the food gets processed the benefit of the food is often lost and rather than eating foods with benefit the food can in fact become harmful and so I really suggest that you try choose as little processed food as possible.


Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables each day


Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is so important and this suggestion can’t be overemphasised. Fruit and vegetables are the cornerstone of health and contain all the vitamins and minerals that form the cornerstone of healthy eating. The guidelines recommend eating 5 or more fruit and/or vegetables each day. Depending on which guidelines you are reading some countries even suggest eating up to 8 portions of food from this group


Dried beans, lentils and soya are the ultimate whole foods


You can’t go wrong by including beans, lentils and soya in your diet! This group of foods is really important to include in your diet. Beans, lentils and soya are the ultimate whole foods because they are packed full of protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and carbohydrate. This group of foods has been shown to provide lots of health benefits. Including this food group can help with lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, improved blood sugar control and weight loss when eaten with a kilojoule controlled low glycaemic index diet.


Plan and prepare clean and healthy meals at home


There are several benefits to this strategy. Firstly if you have prepared the food yourself you can be sure of the wholesomeness of the ingredients and making sure that whole foods are included in your daily diet. Take out food is generally high in salt, fat, sugar and calories and it’s therefore a much better option to make your own food at home. Not to mention the money that you will save!


 Read food labels to make sure you are eating whole foods


Reading food labels is s key factor in choosing food that is nutritious and healthy. Reading the label on a food product allows you to see if the product has lots of sugar, fat or salt and allows you to differentiate between different products. There will be more information about this in my next post so make sure to look out for this. If you would like to go to the original website then check out

I have lots of other nutrition information on my site. Why not have a look at my article entitled What is the best diet in the world for some more great nutrition information. Or why not read up on the benefits of keeping a food diary in the article on how to Conquer your diet with a food diary.


I hope that you have enjoyed these nutrition tips and tricks. Until next time, Leanne




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