Lose weight without leaving your house

Lose weight without leaving your house

Lose weight without leaving your house

Welcome back to Sandtondiet and to this article with tips and tricks to on how lose weight without leaving your house. Just because you are stuck inside does not mean that you should stop trying to lose weight. There are lots of options to explore to help you on your journey.


Healthy eating tips


These weight loss tips are a great tool to use if are trying to lose weight without leaving your house and you feel that you need a few extra tips and tricks to achieve your dieting goals. These tips explain how to go about your diet in a healthy way without having to use extreme measures to achieve your goals but rather in a healthy and realistic way.

There are several strategies that you can use to lose weight. Some will work for you while others won’t. But feel free to pick and choose which of these suit you and fit well into your lifestyle.  These tips are especially useful now that we are all stuck at home. But there is no reason that you can’t continue to lose weight without leaving your house. Now is in fact the perfect time to dedicate some time to achieve your own personal goals.


Top 11 weight loss tips


1. Portion control

This is probably the most important tip. If you are eating more energy than you are burning off then your diet won’t succeed. So make sure that you are not eating too much even if you are only eating healthy food

2. Be realistic

Set realistic goals and time frames for your weight loss so that the process isn’t frustrating. Firstly, set a realistic time frame to lose your weight. Secondly set a realistic target weight loss. Most sources recommend a weight loss of 0.5 – 1.0 kg per week.

3. Slow down

Don’t eat too fast. It takes time for the signals to be sent between your stomach and brain to let you know that you are full. It can take 20 – 30 minutes for the signals from your stomach to communicate with your brain to let it know that you’ve had enough to eat. So don’t go back for seconds until you are sure that you that your brain has had a chance to receive the signals from your stomach

4. Eat protein

Eat protein at every meal, it helps to keep you full and to slow down the exit of the food out of your stomach Protein also makes a good snack and can keep you from feeling hungry in between meals. Snack on foods like nuts or lean biltong in between meals to help keep your hunger at bay.

5. Eat low carbohydrate vegetables

These vegetables are a great tool. They are low calorie and help to bulk up your meal in a nutritious way. Vegetables such broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions are all great additions to your meal. They will not only make your meal feel more satisfying but they are super healthy too.

6. Eat the right carbohydrates

Not all carbohydrates are created equal. It is ideal to eat wholegrain, unrefined carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed into your system and that don’t cause huge sugar spikes

7. Cut down on sugar

Eating lots of sugar causes sugar spikes which leads to sugar cravings. This is often the reason for a diet failing. So stick to unrefined carbohydrates such as sweet potato, low GI bread and crackers, wholewheat pasta and low GI brown rice

8. Exercise

The obvious one…. exercise helps to burn calories and increases your metabolic rate. Therefore exercise is really important to add to your regimen. If you are short of time or stuck at home there are wonderful online lessons and resources to get you going

9. Drink enough water

Water is a key factor in your metabolism working correctly to don’t forget to drink water to optimize your metabolism

10. Eat delicious food

I really believe that if you eat delicious food while you are on diet you are more likely to succeed. Delicious food makes the diet much easier to follow and sustain. So check out the delicious recipes on my blog for some yummy, healthy inspiration.

11. Keep a food diary

a food diary can be really useful when you are trying to lose weight. The food diary helps to keep you accountable and helps you to keep track of what you are eating. There are some great apps where you can write down what you are eating. Many of these apps also integrate with your exercise to create a really nice overview of how you are doing

Healthy eating tips


If you would like to delve a bit deeper into the topics that I mentioned above then have a look at the following articles. Each article is jam packed with information to help you lose weight. How many calories are you eating or Conquer your diet with a food diary or How to make this your best diet ever are all great resources to help you learn a bit more about weight loss and health eating. If you feel that you would like to try these techniques without any extra help then my book Ultimate Weight Loss Guide  will be perfect for you. Just click on the link to buy the book.


Healthy eating plan


If you would like some more personal help and would like a meal plan that has been specifically designed for you then go to my Contact page and we can set up an online appointment. You can also just have you diet analysed in the meantime to see if you are eating a healthy, balanced diet. If you click on Personalised dietary analysis it will tell you all about how to have your diet analysed.


How many calories am I eating


You can also see how many calories you are eating. Just click on How many calories are you eating and it will take you to the page that will explain the process to you. The sky is the limit when having your diet analyzed by a dietitian.


Easy healthy recipes


Guess what, the advice doesn’t stop there. Within your healthy eating plan or weight loss plan we can also incorporate easy healthy recipes.  This makes sure that you not only lose weight but that your weight loss journey is delicious too. I have loads of recipes on my website. I also have a wonderful recipe book that would make the perfect accompaniment to your eating plan.  Delicious Healthy Everyday Recipes is packed full of healthy easy everyday recipes that are great for your family too. You can also send me a message in messenger or at leannekatz@mweb.co.za for a copy.


Don’t delay!!


So there is really no reason for your not to start losing weight now. Get hold of me on Dietitian online NOW and let’s finally get you to that goal weight that you have always been longing for.


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