How to make this your best diet ever

best diet ever

How to make this your best diet ever

How to make this your best diet ever?


There are many strategies that can be used to make sure that your diet is successful. But in order to make sure that this is your best diet ever it is crucial to plan!

I can’t over-emphasise how important planning is to making sure that this is your best diet ever. Lack of planning is a key factor in the failure of many a diet. When you are hungry and looking to grab something quick you need to have your healthy food and snacks readily available. If you food isn’t available then you are going be prey to your old habits and head for the quick fix junk foods. These foods are the culprits for those quick spikes and drops in your blood sugars, and they inevitably derail your diet.

I would even go as far as to say that if you don’t plan your meals and snacks properly, you dramatically reduce your weight loss success. So if planning is so key to your diet success then how do you go about planning?

Planning is a three-step process which involves: recipe planning, meal planning and shopping. So to start off with let’s begin by planning your recipes. I advise clients to try plan recipes for two weeks. For starters a two week plan gives you enough variety. Secondly you can easily cycle your two week recipe plan over and over again without getting bored.


Recipe planning


There are many resources available to find diet-approved, healthy recipes. You can try Pinterest, Google, Instagram and I have many healthy recipes on my blog for you too. If you would like this part of the planning done for you then have a look at Dinner planner 1   or Dinner planner 2, or Two week vegetarian dinner planner  .Each of these resources has meals and recipes already planned for two weeks. If you want a whole month pre-planned for you then have a look at One month planner.  Make sure to keep your recipes in a place that’s easy to find so that they are always easily accessible. I have also just released a book called the Ultimate Weight Loss Guide which has all the planners, recipes and templates all together so that everything is already planned for you!


Meal planning


The next step is to take these recipes and write them down onto a weekly meal planner. This step is important so that your week is already planned out for you. This way you never have to think what to make for dinner that day because it is already written down. These free planners are available for you to get going with your planning:  FREE WEEKLY DINNER PLANNER or FREE MONTHLY MEAL PLANNER  FREE WEEKLY PLANNER


Shopping lists


The following part of your plan is to prepare your shopping list. Use the recipes that you have collected and make a shopping for each week on your planner. Take this list with you to the shops and this way you will have your ingredient list ready and waiting.

By doing these steps you ensure that you have everything you need in place to make this the best diet ever. You are now ready to get going with your diet and nothing should stand in your way. You have planned the perfect diet week and have everything at hand for diet success.


Calorie calculator


Another really crucial element to succeeding on your diet is to make sure that you are not eating more calories than you are burning. My two favourite tools for this are to either download a good calorie counting app or seek professional advice. The basic premise of any diet is that if you eat less than you burn, you will lose weight. So between planning your diet and making sure that you have a calorie deficit, you should be well on your way to successful weight loss!


If you would like some more information relating to this topic then I have many articles to help you.  Here are two articles that can add some more information to your search –  How to lose weight for good or Top 10 diet tips and tricks for successful weight loss.

Until next time, Leanne xoxo



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