How many calories are you eating

How many calories do you eat in day

How many calories are you eating

Would you like to know how many calories you eat each day? Would you like to know if this is the correct amount for you? Would you like to know how many calories you should be eating to meet your dietary goals? Well now is your chance to get a professional answer to these questions! Why not have your diet professionally analyzed by a dietitian with the exact feedback that you would like to know. Or maybe you are on a specific diet and would like to know how closely you are following your plan… Or even perhaps you would like a personally designed meal plan specifically designed to meet your personal needs?

Have your diet professionally reviewed by a dietitian

Well now is your chance to have your diet professionally analysed and interpreted by a dietitian! All you need to do is provide a three-day food record and your diet will be analysed for you. The analysis will include total energy (ie calories) protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. Feedback will be provided depending on what your dietary goals are. For example if you would like to know how many calories you should be eating to lose weight then that can be calculated for you. Or if you would like to know what percentage of your diet is protein and fat then that can be calculated too.  

What is the dietary analysis process?

So don’t delay!!! The process is simple….. just go to and email me! I will send you all the necessary information to complete and then we can get going with your analysis. 

Would you like a simple personalized meal plan?

If you would like information that is more personalized then we can set up a Whatsapp call or a Skype call and do the consultation that way. This way the information that is given to you can be personalized and can suit your lifestyle and dietary needs. As part of this process I can also design you a meal plan based on your own preferences and needs. And the best part is that you don’t even need to leave your house do get all this!   

Will my personal information be shared?

All information collected will be used for the analysis only and not for any other purpose. No information will be shared with any other parties. Your personal information will be stored securely according to the Protection of Personal Information Act.  

What information do yo need to provide?

Once you have completed your 3-day food record you just email the food record to back to me for your analysis. Should you prefer to not share your personal information then an analysis can be still done but it will not be as accurate e.g. if you don’t want to share your weight and height. Your analysis will be emailed back to the email address provided by you. So please double check all the information that you send through for accuracy.

How is your diet analysed?

The dietary analysis will be done using a professional analysis tool that is well validated and will give you the best possible dietary analysis. Please try to be as accurate as possible when providing your dietary information so that your analysis is accurate. The results will be analysed and interpreted by a dietitian. This will enable you to better understand your diet without a one-one-one consultation.

How do you interpret your results?

You don’t need to interpret the results yourself. Your results will be interpreted and explained in your feedback report. The results will be explained based on the diet that you follow. If you don’t follow a specific diet then your feedback will be based on general healthy eating guidelines.

Can all diets be analysed?

Please note that fad diets and diets that are not mainstream cannot be analysed and interpreted using this system. Please feel free to email me at to first confirm if your diet is eligible. A few examples of diets that can be analysed using this system are: general healthy eating, pregnancy, sports, paleo, high protein and low carb

Don’t delay for one more minute! Find out if your diet is healthy or if you have improvements to make!! There is no need to leave your home or office! The analysis and interpretation will be emailed straight to you. If you would like a more personalized meal plan then just let me know and we can get going. 

If you would like some more healthy eating or dietary advice then you have come to the right place. Delicious Healthy Everyday Recipes has all the healthy everyday recipes that you or your family could possible wish for. Or if you are needing a bit more diet inspiration then Ultimate Weight Loss Guide is the perfect resource just for you!

Healthy eating advice

If you aren’t quite ready for your diet to be analyzed then have a read through What is the best diet in the world  or  Massive diet mistakes or How to plan for maximum diet success  in the meantime. These articles are jam packed full of health eating advice.

So between the dietary analysis, the wonderful array of recipes and the Ultimate Weight Loss Guide you should be on the path to a healthy happy eating journey

Until; next time, Leanne xoxo

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