crumbed chicken legs

crumbed chicken legs

crumbed chicken legs

Welcome back to Sandtondiet and today’s recipe for easy and healthy crumbed chicken legs

As I’ve mentioned before I am often trying out new recipes in my attempt to keep the food at home interesting. There not quite as irritating as being told that the dinner that you have served doesn’t taste good. Especially after putting a lot of time and effort into the meal.

this won’t be the case with these crumbed chicken legs. They are tasty and moist and really fun for the kids in the family to eat. If you haven’t crumbed anything before, please don’t worry. It’s as simple as dipping the skinless chickens leg into flour, then into eggs and then finally into the crumb mixture. I made my own low GI crumbs for this recipe, which is below, but feel free to use whatever crumbs that you want.

I have LOTS of other chicken recipes if this crumbed chicken leg recipe isn’t up your alley. Why not try out my honey mustard chicken with butternut or these delicious shredded chicken tacos

There are also many resources out there with phenomenal chicken recipes. Jamie Oliver has a now famous chicken recipe that he cooks in milk – Nagi from Recipe Tin Eats has a roast chicken that is just to die for –

I hope that I have given you some food inspiration today. Without any further delays her is the recipe for my easy and healthy crumbed chicken legs. Enjoy! Until next time, Leanne xoxo


Easy and healthy crumbed chicken legs


8 chicken legs

3 eggs, scrambled

1 cup flour

low GI breadcrumbs*

canola oil to line the bottom of your baking dish


low GI breadcrumbs*


1 cup raw oats

2 slices low GI bread

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp mustard powder

2 tsp salt

1 Tbsp chicken stock powder




  1. dip the chicken legs into the flour, making sure that the entire legs in completely covered in flour
  2. next dip each leg into the scrambled eggs, again making sure that each legs is well covered
  3. Place all the crumb ingredients into a hand blender and blend until the mixture resembles fine crumbs
  4. dip each chicken legs into the crumbs and ensure that each legs is completely covered in the crumbs
  5. Place enough canola oil at the bottom of a baking dish so that the oil is just covering the bottom of the dish (these chicken legs are meant to be healthy so don’t overdo the oil) and place the dish into the oven to heat up the oil
  6. Carefully (the oil will be very hot) take out the baking dish and place the chicken legs into the oil and place the dish back into the oven
  7. bake the chicken legs for 20 minutes, turning each chicken leg once during the cooking
  8. These baked crumbed chicken legs can be served with a lovely side salad or some delicious roast vegetables
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