two week vegetarian dinner planner

Vegetarian dinner planner

two week vegetarian dinner planner

Your ultimate two week vegetarian dinner planner!


This vegetarian dinner planner is what’s been missing your whole life! Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about planning a vegetarian dinner again. Wouldn’t it be nice to have vegetarian dinner recipes and dinner ideas laid out for you? Let’s face it the thought of planing another meal, again…, can often feel overwhelming. Well now you never have to plan a vegetarian dinner ever again. Simply use this dinner planner and your dinner, recipes and shopping lists are ready and waiting for you! Click on on the link to my shop and presto dinner is planned – Two week vegetarian dinner planner.


Healthy vegetarian recipes


Why all the bother about dinner? Why does dinner even matter? Well dinner matters for a few reasons. Firstly it’s often the only meal that the family get to sit together and enjoy. This means that it’s the time in the day when the family should be chatting and catching up on their days. And what better way to do that than over a good meal.

The second reason that dinner is important is because it is often the only meal where you get a chance to offer your family some good solid nutrition. Breakfast is usually a frantic rush and dash out of the house. Lunch is often eaten away from home and there is no guarantee that your family are making healthy food choices. So dinner is the one meal where you have the chance to make a meal with good quality protein and lots of vitamins and minerals. It’s also a chance to include slow release carbohydrates that will give your family a sustained release of energy.

So I hope that I’ve proved the point that dinner is an important meal and a great opportunity to positively impact on your family. The problem often with vegetarian food is that it takes quite a bit of thought and pre-planning. So let me do all of that for you!


Grocery list and shopping list


This doesn’t mean though that’s its always fun to plan so that’s where I come in… I’ve put together a two week dinner planner which includes healthy lunch or dinner recipes and ideas for dinners for  two full weeks! The planner include vegetarian dinner ideas, dinner recipes, grocery lists and shopping lists for two full weeks. I also have regular non-vegetarian dinner planners for you if you have meat eaters in the family too. Just click on Two week dinner planner or Dinner planner 2 for more dinner planner which also include recipes and shopping lists all in one magnificent resource.

I’ll just add a bit in here that I’m a dietitian and I firmly believe that delicious food and healthy food can be a match made in heaven. I instil this philosophy when I consult with clients and I’ve ensured that the dinner recipes in your planners fit that brief too.

So back to the meal planners… If you are feeling particularly frazzled then the one month recipe planner is the solution for you. The one month planner includes recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a full month. There is also one new dinner recipe for each day of the month and there are many days that include other recipes too for either breakfast or lunch.This one unfortunately isn’t all vegetarian yet but I am working on that one so stay tuned –One month planner

If you would like to do some planning of your own the feel free to have a look at these FREE templates to help you with your planning: FREE WEEKLY PLANNERFREE WEEKLY DINNER PLANNER or the FREE MONTHLY MEAL PLANNER

Healthy vegetarian dinner recipes 


If you would like a sneak preview at some of the recipes in your planner then check out this recipe for Coconut curried lentils or simply click on the planner that you want and a full list of the recipes that are in the planner will be available for preview.

I hope that you enjoy these recipe planners and that they provide you with a bit of meal planning reprieve, Leanne

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