Paleo almond and ginger cookies

paleo almond and ginger cookie

Paleo almond and ginger cookies

If you are looking for a super quick and easy paleo cookie recipe these almond and ginger cookies are the perfect recipe for you.

These cookies have only a few ingredients but they are a match made in heaven. The cookie dough is as simple as combining all the ingredients to for a dough. And presto you are almost ready to bake.

The assembly of the almond and ginger cookies is just as simple. I garnished my cookies with a pecan nut each but the sky is the limit as far as adornments go. You could use a maraschino cherry, a chocolate disk or some candied ginger for extra zing.

Despite being really simple these almond and ginger cookies are a huge hit whenever I serve them. If you need a few more lower sugar or low carb sweet treat ideas then check out or. Each recipe is more delicious than the next!

This blog has a wide variety of sweet recipes to choose from. These sugar free blender banana muffins are outstanding and are a regular in my house! This The best ever sugar free scone recipe is the perfect accompaniment to a good cup of tea or coffee.

I found this recipe from the day, which looks scrumptious – The recipe comes from a Amy whose blog called Amy’s Healthy Baking is really worth a browse.

I hope that you enjoy the healthy sweet treats and I will see you again soon. Leanne xoxo


Paleo almond and ginger cookies 


3 cups / 300g almond flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup suki
1/2 ground ginger (can add more for a more pronounced ginger flavour)
2 jumbo eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
16 pecan nuts (for the top of the cookie)




1.Combine all the ingredients except the pecan nuts to form a cohesive ball of dough
2.Roll the dough into 16 individual balls
3.Press a pecan nut into the top of each ball so that you press each cookie down slightly
4.Place the raw cookies onto a baking tray and bake at 180C for 20 minutes or until the cookies have turned slightly brown

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