Mediterranean style shakshouka - Dietician in Morningside, Sandton
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Mediterranean style shakshouka

Mediterranean style shakshouka

This quick and super easy Mediterranean style shakshouka recipe is a delicious and healthy way to start your day off. With the gorgeous, vibrant Mediterranean flavours and the good quality protein from the egg, you are sure to start your day off with a bang.

This shakshouka recipe is packed with the flavours of the Mediterranean diet which is being described as the healthiest diet in the world. With the cholesterol lowering properties of the olives, the nutrition

from the egg and the homemade tomato sauce which is packed with anti-oxidants and lycopenes, your body will be thanking you for the outstanding start to the say. I served my shakshouka on polenta and it tasted sensational. If you would like yours with polenta too you can go to for the recipe.

In addition to being really healthy this recipe is so quick and easy to prepare it is sure to become a household regular. I hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as we did, Leanne

Shakshouka Mediterranean


1 cup nepoletana sauce

3 – 4 olives sliced

2 Tbsp fat free feta

1 egg

Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place the nepoletana sauce in the base of a small non-stick frying pan
  2. Add the olives and feta cheese and heat up until it is bubbling
  3. Add the egg and cook until it is cooked through (you will see the white of the egg from clear to white as it cooked
  4. When the egg is done use an egg lifter to remove the egg and put it into a bowl
  5. Either pour the rest of the sauce or use a spoon to add the sauce to the same bowl as the egg

Serves 1


I make these eggs one at a time but feel free to make more. This dish will also cook successfully in the oven if you want to serve a few people at once. Just begin with more sauce and add the ingredients proportionately

egg recipe

Mediterranean style shakshouka

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