How to lose weight for good - Dietician in Morningside, Sandton
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How to lose weight for good

how to lose weight for good

How to lose weight for good

What is the best way to lose weight for good?


The answer to the question of how to lose weight for good is multi-faceted. There are several aspects that are important when it comes to healthy eating and losing weight. These involve both food your choices as well as your eating behaviours. These steps are important not only in losing the weight but in keeping it off too.

Which food groups should you choose?

The first part of healthy eating and losing weight is that you should be eating from all the different food groups. One of my personal feelings and one that I advise to clients is that food should be delicious. If you eat food that isn’t delicious, especially if you are dieting, it leads to inappropriate snacking and it’s not usually of the healthy variety.

Also if your eating is very restrictive and you exclude major food groups it makes it very difficult to eat out or socialise or even share a meal with your family. It really is possible to eat from all food groups and still be healthy or lose weight if that is what your goal is.

What are your food choices?

Secondly it is important that the food you choose to eat is healthy and full of nutrients. Your food should include protein, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. Your food choices are important because in order for your bodily to perform optimally you need good nutrition from your food.

Conscious or mindful eating

The next aspect of your food journey  that is really important is to eat with consciousness or mindfully. So for example if you have a food in front of you whether it be healthy or not its always good to go through a thought checklist first. Are you really hungry? Do you need that food? If you don’t need the food but still want it then decide whether it has to be an enormous portion and so forth. If you go ahead with eating the food make sure to enjoy and luxuriate in eat bite so that its not necessary to overdo things.

By doing this mental checklist and eating your food with deliberate thought and mindfulness it enables you to eat with much more consciousness. This is a great tool to teach yourself to eat what you want but eat it moderately and with some thought.

Be realistic

Be sure that when you start out on your healthy eating or your weight loss journey that the goals you set are realistic. The “standard” amount of weight loss that is considered to be healthy is roughly 0.5kg – 1kg per week. If you set your weight loss goals according to this you are less likely to be disappointed or to give up along the way because of your perceived lack of progress. Being realistic will help you to carry on with your diet long enough so that you lose the weight for good!

Is portion important

Eating the correct portion is probably one of the more important factors in a weight loss program. Essentially weight loss is an equation. If you eat less energy that your body is using then you should lose weight. Or if you eat more energy or calories than your body is burning off you will lose weight. So the nuts and bolts of your weight loss program working is to make sure that you are eating less energy than you are burning. This can be done by being mindful of your portion sizes

If you really want to lose weight for good then you can’t miss this step out. This step is what helps create an appropriate energy balance. This means that the energy you are eating is not more than the energy you are burning off.


Now that we’ve covered the basics how do we make sure that the food we eat is nutritious and above all delicious too. This step takes some planning and thought. The advice I often give to clients who are trying to lose weight is to gather a repertoire of delicious, healthy recipes. These should be a group of easy and quick recipes that your family love.

Then the next step of the plan is to take those recipes with you to the shops. You can also use the recipes to write your shopping list for the week. This will help ensure that you have the ingredients to make your recipes. Without planning healthy eating or weight loss is much more difficult to manage. This step is really key in to how to lose weight for good.

If you would like more help with planning then feel free to check out the planners on my site. Dinner planner 1, or Dinner planner 2, or finally One month planner, where all the planning has already been done for you!

Have you tried everything in this article and still can’t lose weight?

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Other resources

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