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amazing grilled chops

grilled chops

amazing grilled chops

Amazing grilled chops with scratch made spice rub


Welcome back to Sandtondiet and to this week’s amazing grilled chop recipe (or ‘broiled’ as  you like to say up North ). There are two components to this recipe that I absolutely love! Firstly the succulent and juicy chops are absolutely delicious. And secondly the easy and extremely versatile spice-rub is a great go-to to have in your spice rack.

Grilled chops are one of my favourite meals to make at home. They are easy to prepare, they cook really quickly and my whole family love them. I think that there are some recipes that should be kept in a special folder for those nights where you don’t know what to make and you need something quick to prepare. This grilled chop recipe is just that kind of recipe. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s a crowd pleaser.

The spice rub in this recipe is also great to have in the cupboard. I have since used it on chicken too with great success. The best way to keep this spice-rub is to combine everything in an empty spice mix bottle. This way it is easy to season your food and it is easy to store the left over spice mix.

If you are in need of some more meaty inspiration then have a look at Outstanding Asian pineapple and beef kebab recipeOutstanding shredded beef recipe or Beef pie with a shredded potato crust   . They are both excellent meat recipes to make for your family.

I hope that you enjoy this grilled chop recipe as much as we did. Until next time, Leanne xoxox


Amazing grilled chops with scratch made spice rub


8 lamb chops (two per person)

2 Tbsp olive oil


Spice rub mix


1 tsp paprika

1 ½ tsp dried ginger

½ tsp cumin

2 tsp onion powder

½ tsp mustard powder

2 tsp salt




  1. rub the chops with the olive oil and set aside
  2. mix all the spice rub ingredients together (I usually add the spice rub mix to an empty bottle and use that to spice the chops)
  3. liberally spice the chops with the spice rub
  4. heat the oven to grill/ broil and grill the chops for 6 – 7 minutes each side and then enjoy!



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