5 top reasons you can’t lose weight

lose weight

5 top reasons you can’t lose weight

5 top reasons you can’t lose weight

Why can’t you lose weight? In this post I have written a list of the 5 top reasons why you can’t lose weight and reasons why your diet isn’t working. These reasons are based on clients that I see in my practice as a dietitian. There are several issues that crop up time and time again that seem to be stumbling blocks for people attempting to lose weight.

Often if these issues are dealt with then the diet tends to move forward at a better pace. If the issues aren’t dealt with then people tend to go from one diet to the next to the next and what actually ends up happening by the end of it is that you end up heavier than when you started. So I have compiled this list of reasons why your diet won’t work so that you can see how applicable they are to you.


1. The energy that you are consuming is more than the energy you are using

People often have the misconception that if they eat clean healthy food that their weight will automatically drop off. This isn’t the case though. A successful diet is based on the premise that if you are using less energy or calories that what your body is expending then you will lose weight regardless of how healthy the food is. Therefore if you are eating more calories than you are burning off, your diet won’t work

2. Make sure your snack after gym isn’t too calorie dense

My clients often report that after gym they go and buy a smoothie or protein shake. The problem is that unless you exercise really hard and for a long time, you are probably drinking more calories than you just burned at gym. This a very common reason for a diet not working.

3. What you did in your twenties doesn’t necessarily work as you get older

A lot of people find that as they get older they just can’t lose weight. This is because as you get older your metabolism changes and the plan that you used to use just doesn’t work anymore. Even if a person has eaten exactly the same for many years they may all of a sudden start to gain weight and may need dietary modifications to account for the metabolic changes

4. There is no one diet fits all

Some people report great success with certain diets while others are not successful at all on the same plan. Diets should be individualised so that it is specifically tailored to your personal needs. This is a huge stumbling block for any person trying to  lose weight and is often the reason why your diet won’t work

5. Your diet is extreme but not sustainable

An extreme diet can work short term if you have a few kilos or pounds to lose but they aren’t successful long term because they aren’t sustainable. Again you would be much better off having a plan tailor made to suit you rather than trying another crazy, extreme or even dangerous diet

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Chat soon, Leanne xoxo

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